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Made of extremely hardened steel.
But if modifying a carburetor to bore the venturi, the main jet/nozzle must be removed.
Fits Cub Cadet models 86, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 123, 125, 128, 129, 147, 149, 169, 800, 1000, 1200, 1250, 14Dimensions: 1".d.(Same as above È, made by Walbro.).02 each, plus shipping handling.Then drain the oil while it's hot.Ignition timing is automatically set.Price does not include guide.Cleaned and resurfaced on a wide sanding belt or large diameter disc sander to remove warpage and restore flatness, with good fins, spark plug threads and bolt holes for fastening of the cooling sheet metal.Due to the inability to completely seal (cover) the ignition points contacts from dust and debris, these are for competition pulling only, and not for ordinary lawn garden equipment.18.50 each, plus shipping handling.Used and in good condition.Convert from Breakerless Ignition to Battery-Powered Ignition Points and Condenser Ignition for Kohler engine models K181, K241, K301 or K321.It's perfect for a competing stock pulling tractor or for heavy lawn and garden work.Note: Crankshaft and bearing plate will need to be removed from engine block so I can fasten block directly to table or in a V-shaped fixture to the table of my milling machine.Flywheel End Crankshaft Oil Seals for Kohler engine models K241/M10, K301/M12, K321/M14, K341/M16 and K361.10-32 UNF (fine thread) x 1/2" thread length Stainless Steel Hex Socket (Allen) Head Screws.Single cylinder engine crankshafts:.00 per journal, plus return shipping handling.Index the spark plug so the open gap face the center of the piston.
Fabricated A-1 Miller part.

Rotator recommended for exhaust valve to scrape away any carbon deposits lodged between valve face and seat to prevent valve from burning.Neoprene or Silicone cam voyeur lugares plublic Rubber O-Ring for Outer Shift Lever on IH-built Cast Iron Case Creeper Drive.Neoprene Rubber Crankcase Breather Vent Tube.OEM Kohler part s 270721-S (bolt; discontinued from Kohler 270889-S (washer).But can also be used on Kohler twin cylinder engine models K482, K532, K582, K660/K662, Onan twin cylinder engines or Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a fabricated bracket.The flat washers allow for equal load distribution across the wheel for additional strength, and they prevent the socket from marking the wheel.Same quality as OEM Kohler carburetor.Light duty, one-piece "thin casting" cast iron IH-built Cub Cadet differential case (carrier) assembly with coarse spline spider gears (for coarse spline axles).Displays up to 9,999 RPM.
And the KT19, KT19 Series II, M20 and MV20 pistons have the same dimensions, same wrist pin hole size and same compression height, and accept the same rings.
But if there's no counterbore, the carburetor body will need to be precision aligned-bored for installation of a bronze sleeve bushing, and chances are, a new throttle shaft will also need to be installed.