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Its something that exists, I cant ignore.
Gvasalia: When I work with Lotta Volkova, the stylist of Vetements and Balenciaga she knows what I know, what I want.
Theres a pragmatism behind the collections of both.
Were very close, we really know each other, were friends.Its very much whats happening with what you.Michele is pulling in consumers who previously felt put off by Guccis hedonistic repute, but who now feel drawn to its beautifully made jackets, dresses heavy with embroidery, handbags patterned with flowers or embroidered with bees.Gvasalia: Its also bull.The customers are different.But what if the rules are broken?But fashion is not about decoration he gostosa mostrando se na cam strokes a hand across the metallic embroidery on his own Gucci jacket, fashion is not about the wrong size gesturing to Gvasalias oversized coat, as Gvasalia laughs.

If I need a color, if I need to put something on you, in a different way.Together, what they are proposing ideologically is affecting the way other designers think, how they design and subsequently how we all dress.Gvasalia: I think with clothing, its so three-dimensional, its impossible to draw.Gvasalia: And then also clothes that are wearable that people desire.Fury: You touched on it then that idea of gender blurring, which is so relevant to both your work.Fashion is, I dont know where in the front of the window in Rue Faubourg?À venda no site.Michele: This is completely different.Do I really have to say it?Because for me, these rules dont matter.Its what I think is right.
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Theyre about choice, about freedom a word Michele uses often.